Balance in Your Writing

Aight, so balance is sort of weird. Like, just think about the physics behind balance real quick. First of all you have to consider the center of mass of an object and then you have to remember that this is 3 dimensional space so you gotta factor that into everything and then on top of … Continue reading Balance in Your Writing


Your Character Arc Sucks

Yeah yeah, I know, confrontational titles are eye-catching but extremely misleading. In all reality this should be title "Your Character Arc Might Suck" or "How to Make Your Character Arc Suck Less" or even "Character Arcs Were a Stupid Idea in the First Place, Who in The Name of Dane Came Up With These" or … Continue reading Your Character Arc Sucks

The Three Act Story is Problematic

Eyyyy, clickbait! Okay but no, in all reality there is a problem with the three-act story. And the Hero's Journey. Aaaand the usual plot-mountain-thing (is there an official name for that?) and really just plot structures in general. So a real quick story that was told to me at several years back at a family … Continue reading The Three Act Story is Problematic

How to Write a Book (The Definitive Guide)

Oh look! A post about novel writing that's claiming to be a definitive guide! This must obviously be the perfect place to learn how to write a book! And look at me, the perky and excited author of this post, and your savior and messiah within the world of writing! Isn't everything so exciting! Okay so … Continue reading How to Write a Book (The Definitive Guide)

This Little Ditty Called Action

Written mid June, rewritten mid October. You know, a lot of stories I wrote as a kid (you know the stories—the ones that sit in the bottom of your drawer from when you were in 7th grade and never progressed more than about five pages long) were incredibly violent. Not all of them were. In … Continue reading This Little Ditty Called Action